Episode 117

Published on:

26th May 2022

Mental Freedom® 2022

In this episode, I talk about how anyone can learn Mental Freedom® in just six sessions. One of the things I have discovered in over 30 years of working with people on improving their mindsets, overcoming their obstacles and accomplishing their goals is that we each are experts at creating chaos and pain in our lives that we think are caused by external events. We then tend to blame those events and never focus on their root causes, which means they will just be perpetuated. Mental Freedom helps people unlock the bars we have constructed around ourselves that keep us stuck so we can truly achieve the Mental Freedom we desire. Listen to the end for the special offer of $1200 off the regular price.

If you are interested in this offer please go to https://olverinternational.com/mental-freedom-2022/ and listen to the recording on the webpage.

This episode marks the conclusion of Season 3 of Life = Choices; Choices = Life. We will return with Season 4 on June 2, 2022. 

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Life = Choices; Choices = Life
Making better choices for a better life
Life = Choices; Choices = Life is about learning to replace external control psychology with radical responsibility and appreciation so you can make better choices to create the life you want to have. Kim Olver is a leading expert in Choice Theory™ psychology and will share what she has gleaned from the legendary work of Dr. William Glasser, as well as sharing her unique perspective based on over 30 years of study and research.

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Kim Olver

Kim Olver's mission is to help people make better choices for a better life. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor, a nationally certified counselor and a board certified coach. She is a world renowned expert in Choice Theory™ , a highly sought after international speaker and an award-winning author. Her books include: Leveraging Diversity at Work with Sylvester Baugh (2006), Secrets of Happy Couples (2010), Choosing Me Now (2019) and A Choice Theory Guide to Relationships (2019). Kim is currently working on the forthcoming books, The Definitive Guide to Coaching and Radical Responsibility and Appreciation. Kim is the author of The Relationship Center blog; creator of Empowerment Parenting, a 25-hour parenting curriculum for court-mandated parents; and owner of Academy of Choice, a BCC (Board Certified Coach) Coaching Program. Kim worked five years as a counselor for schizophrenics in a community-based residential program, 17 years holding various positions with a specialized foster care agency, was Executive Director of Glasser Institute for Choice Theory for nine years and the Executive Director for William Glasser International for eight; and began her own company, Coaching for Excellence, in 2005. She is a model of what she teaches about taking responsibility for the things she can influence and control and finding appreciation for those things she can't. Kim believes radical responsibility and appreciation are the keys to a happy, peaceful, satisfying life.